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Free Event Management Plan Template

This blog includes information that will be required from you, by local authorities. When applying for an event licence.

This free template is to be edited to suit your own event plan.

This is a general plan and some sections may not be relevant to everyone.

Prior To Event:

Once booking information has been formalised and confirmed, a site survey is to be flled out. Along with a risk assessment. We are to be made aware of any additional requirements at the customer's venue and provide their own separate relevant documents (e.g. site access, firm ground for vehicle, under/overground service avoidance, livestock waste avoidance, utilisation of weather deflective surroundings, own risk assessment findings, management plan, certification).

Contact details are exchanged and we update at the beginning of the week of the event, to clarify specifics such as arrival time, requests, restrictions etc.

Event licence check with local authorities and customers web-pages to get a feel of the vent and an indication of what to anticipate.

Staff Briefing.

A meeting will be held on the Monday prior to the event. And again on the morning of the event.

The council and authorities are welcome to attend. As well as providing this contingency plan out for everyone involved to read over.

To ensure everyone is clear on the overall plan. Including zones, arrival times, load-in, load-out, clear job descriptions, running times, fire points, camp site rules and additional ideas / views and more. And we requested a copy of the events management plan, so we can ensure they are fully aware of their responsibilities once we have finished setting up.

In case of an emergency.

Any emergency situation relating to our equipment, it is to be reported immediately to Chris Beale, on 07535182503, or email If there is a crisis, the event coordinator should also call the relevant emergency service number firstly, then take the necesary action.

Emergency vehicles are to be made aware of the location and date of the event already. And front of gate staff will wave vehicles in to the clear emergency access route. Clearly signed on entry, allowing access to the entire site for all class vehicles.

The event paramedic should be on call. And be able to deal with any injuries.

Public safety.

An overall risk assessment is to be carried out by coordinator prior to access being opened to the general public to highlight & address any risks posed.

All traders on-site hold relent insurance & hygiene certificates & these details have all been obtained as part of events booking procedure.

Security staff will be present around the site at all times to keep people safe.

We have designed a website for our services, with a page dedicated to public safety. Including our regulations for public protection.

For public safety, the venue and event already have public liability insurance, and we have taken our own insurance for five million pound. Made all local emergency services known of our event. In the unlikely occasion of an emergency. And detailed plans in place for all possible circumstances.


Some common things like rope, tarpaulin, silly string, coloured banners, streamers, duct tape, painting, etc can have transferable dye. So, reasonably, are strictly prohibited, as they can not be removed from the white tent material. And would require replacement at the customers cost.

Also strictly no fires, painting, aerosols, glass, screws, hazardous chemicals, livestock allowed in our around the tent. Nothing to be fixed to the tent or poles, scaling the poles compramises structural stability.


Minor equipment adjustments may be made, if permission is given by us, prior.

Usually the tent can settle in over time. So there is a ratchet and each fixture point that can be tightened once or twice. And there are additional anchor points that can be chosen as suited, one at a time.

Weather Contingency

Dependant on weather, we strongly recommend weather deflective surroundings are utilised to reduce as many potential risks as possible. Weather apps such as MET and compass, to avoid potential wind. Anticipate ground density and pick an area in our site survey that is prone to surrounding advantages in floods etc. Such as weather deflective tree lines against wind direction. Tree lines. Structures also give weather advantages. And our Ambient Weather System subscription for montioring factual on site live weather / movement readings.

If the customer ignores our recommended tent location - and the likelihood of risk reduction was significant, then the responsibility for the avoidable relocation costs and access falls on the customer.

Avoid the need for tent relocation / costs / time. Respect our contingency plan, the professional opinion and safety, over convenience and preference. We often come with plans made 6 months prior. Having turned down other bookings. And staff making commitments around yours. We are reasonable and will work strategically with you. If it is ultimately unsafe and no strategic solutions remain, we we would be unable to work.

In the event of extreme weather causing risk to all areas of the site to be unsafe for building the structutre, we may be unable to build at all.

We utilise gang-staking and can provide up to 2200lbs of foot hoold per fixture. With an average of 80x 850x25mm rebar stakes. And 28x 8mm stake plates. And double lashings on all corners and seems. This creates a tensile structure built to be relied on. Choosing ground quality and weather deflective surroundings are the next contingency.

Tent can be easily set up either on or off grass, with opening sides if its sunny, and closing if its bad weather. We hold the right to close off or take down the equipment if the weather becomes a concern for safety over the duration of the event. And we regularly check the MET Office weather and work around the most likely weather prediction. Whilst staying prepared for any outcome on the day.

Our tents are certified safe, fire proof, heavy duty and can withstand up to 50MPH winds. Giving us an adequate quality of housing, as we are playing safe by expecting any weather outcome.

The venue is required to have adequate draininage system. As well as a hard standing in the case of possible heavy rain / floods. And we have advised the event coordinators to bring wellies and waterproofs. As like any English festival, weather is likely to change.

If the weather is very sunny, we have the main tent giving plenty of shade for up to 3-400 people. As well as the venue having a stand pipe for fresh drinking water to keep people hydrated. As well as promoting a summer weather campaign.

Anyone with heat-stroke is to be directed to the shade of the paramedic tent. Where they will be treated by paramedics.

If servere weather were to happen, we have completed a risk assesment. We are able to clear the roof regularly and safely if required. And maintain and adjust the tent in heavy weather. And the event should supply hay bails for us to scatter on the ground to soak up a moderate amount of mud if needed. And the closing sides of the tent can help keep keep warmth in and wind / rain / snow out. Or the sides can be left open if it is good weather.

Poor Grounding.

Tent is rated at 2 stakes minimum per lace line and 1 for non lace line. Gang staking and steel angles to be added in the event of poor ground quality. Lengths ranging from 18”to 42”

Customer must notify us if the venue has unique grounding, such as a slag pit or clay. As specific anchrage and unique fixtures are required.

Sports venues with grass damage precautions needed.

On occasions where we work on grass that is well maintained, we put extra measures in to avoid damaging the grass. This information is handy for the owners, who may want to know what exactly we do to maintain their land.

Minor marks will be left, however this will be unnoticeable after two weeks.

We use sink plates under each pole, to ensure the ground stays level and consistent.

We use a small stake whacker for quick precision driving, instead of hit and miss manual tools like a sledgehammer. And for extraction, we have a custom made tool that pulls stakes directly upwards for a clean removal. The holes are then filled with soil and are near unnoticeable.

Chalk spray is used for measuring up prior, which washes away easily.

Vehicle access is 5MPH with a Land Rover Discovery 3, in low range and special programs set. This prevents many issues including tyre spinning etc.

We have two cricket and several rugby and football venues, who use us because of our contingencies. We also recommend flooring for areas where food and foot traffic can cause damage once we are up and running.


We have a 6KW electrical marquee heater. We will add this to the service, if requested by customer. Otherwise they are to hire. We recommend HSS.

Environmental noise pollution:

We have had a sound engineer come and custom design a sound setting that will not cause concern for noise pollution. We also actively search in to any other ways of prevention of public nuisance. And we promote use of our own sound system, as we can lock the unit and control it via phone app.

Also to ensure no issues, by following the council and authorities enforced level. By following this, we are voiding any concern for volume. We invite the authorities and council to come and agree a volume level ahead of the event. Or on the day, briefly stop by and monitor the noise.

Our sound system is fixed secure using heavy duty ratchet straps and situating the equipment away from the public, beside the stage which also achieves obstructing the sides of the platform.


We are legally obliged to work in accordance with the laws in relation to the Pandemic, in these unpresidented times. Whilst working hard with customers to adjust around changes that the Government make.

Our “Covid Clause” guarantees any booking dates that are affected by restirctions on hospitality, will be honoured for a later date / year. Of the customers choice, providing itsa date we have available at the time of request. We will honour the completed agreement, within reason. However yearly inflation and reasonable additional costs might be calculated in.

Our equipment is cleaned thuroughly on arrival, prior to build. So each customer can see the structure is sterile and free of any potential viral risks from the previous event. Our staff have been vaccinated and have passports. And we can provide our own on the spot tests also.

Cleaning on arrival isalso important as it is strategically better to have time to dry off while in use. Which is best for packing away.

We require a minimum of 14 days from relevant restriction laws being lifted, to be able to plan, prepare and provide the service. Due to logistics and requirements needed in place to operate.

Hire duration:

Once the equipment is built, it is actively standing, on hire and in use. We build strategically as close to the event as possible, as to reduce costs and requirements. We also work around other customers, sometimes on a tight time schedule. And we are required to be on call for any unexpected scenarios that require additional work.

Postponement / Cancellation:

We work 6-12 months in advance with the schedule. And turn down other custom, to work exclusively with one customer for that date. The terms in place are to protect us from customer neglegence causing cancellation of booking.

Equipment security:

Although we have our own security measures in place, the event its self is responsible for providing adequate security of equipment whilst on hire to them. This may include herras fencing, to isolate the site access. Overnight security and CCTV are a standard legal requirement.

Drugs, Alcohol & Other Substances.

We operate strict zero tolerence to legal highs and illegal drugs. Anyone found in possetion will be reported to security.

Anyone found under the influence and sick, will be taken by staff directly to the paramedics. They will be detained while an ambulance is called, and information is documented by the paramedics while they are seen to.

If anyone is heavily under the influence of alcohol and is a cause for concern of the safety of themselves and others, they will be reported to security.

If anyone is too drunk and in need of medical attention, an ambulance can be called.

Strictly, no glass can be brought in to the tent. As remaining shards of glass can damage the tent when dropped. We will report any glass to event management.

Bins to be available inside the tent to dispose of cups etc and keep the area clear ready for equipment to be loaded out safely at the end.

Security will be overlooking the general crowd. and we are conciously aiming for a relaxed athmosphere, so it is likely to run smoothly. With a clear plan to make sure it goes as easy as possible.

Electrical Failure.

We do not provide generators as a standard – we can hire one in from HSS on behalf of the customer. Which ensures power supply is serviced on the day. Generator is to be located at least 5 meters away from tent structure. All generators will be isolated together where possible, making it easy to share if needed as contingency. And a member of event staff will have a hourly check of generator fuel. And any electrical components coming from the generator are to be overseen by a competent electrician. Fuel is not to be stored with power supply. Event staff are to monitor fuel consumption and refuel safely when needed.

Lighting Failure

Our own lighting display is PAT tested and checked regularly to be in full working and safe order.