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How Weddfest Actually Works!

So back before the Pandemic, we set our sights on starting up a festival style wedding service.

This all started because our pricing and ability proved to be the most popular option for people arranging their own wedding parties. However the brother brand (Mashup Events) we wanted to remain primarily a nationwide music brand for public events. And so Weddfest was born, for the small scale, private events.

In the short time operating just before the pandemic, our unique attributes and

abilities worked well and wedding enquiries came in of all shapes and sizes. Ultimately to bring a good old knees up, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a venue. Plus the wow-factor of a tent space has more impact than traditional plans that can feel boring to many. Enabling people to accommodate small, medium and large crowds inside an impressive marquee. Complete with stage, sound, lights, dance floor and more. Ready to be decorated and personalised.

The most popular deal we do is:

12x18x8 meter big top

Cheap to hire

Can be decorated to suit

200 seated or 400 standing

Goes up in 4-6 hours

Fits easily

All-white inside / blue and white outside

Built to be relied on in any weather

6x3 meter stage platform

Suitable for bands, DJ, speeches

Gives an impressive look

4 meter overhead truss arch


Non-slip rugged design

Guests can drink on it unlike traditional ones

Protects the ground underneath

Audio and visual

Can be programmed and locked as to avoid noise/light complaints

Be sure to check the dedicated website page:


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