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Buy A Tent

Made to your specification in any size and colour - Available to buy now!

.Made using our own design process

.3M's, 850G total-blackout DPVC

.Galvanised structural grade F500 steel

.Ratings, certification, diagrams and documentation

.Site installation training course 

.Tool kit

.Remote monitoring system

.After sale support

.Payment assurance

.Delivery or collection

.Finance available

.100% 5 star reviews

.Nationwide viewings

.Secure storage options

Our tents have a unique sectional design, so the one tent is able to be extended to a variety of sizes. With a 60mph wind rating. Each kit comes complete with everything you need to operate. Stakes, ratchet straps, roof sections, sides, poles, bolts, flags, everything. Uniquely designed to be built as easily and quickly as possible. Fitting on a standard trailer and vehicle licence. 

Our own specialist tool kits come as a standard. Enabling you to build the tent with minimal staffing costs and physical strain. As well as being the most compact, light weight and economical logistics possible. We have condensed years of knowledge in to our own designs.

We do a full days practical training with your own tent, standard!

Giving you / your team an interesting and interactive experience. Our own T.E.S.T program (Temporary Event Structure Training) includes pre-checks, documentation and apps, tool use, remote monitoring, unloading, assembly, disassembly, maintenance, planning, valuable contingency and risk reduction factors and knowledge, required training courses and qualification tests, ground checks, breakdown, packing methods, loading, transportation. 

30 pages of documentation required to operate. This is an advanced factor in our service, we give you the blueprint to owning a tent and vital advantages such as vital documentation that can not be sourced elsewhere! It has taken us many years to develop and includes site survey, management plan, contingency, terms and conditions, quotation and invoice forms, risk assessment check list, health and safety report, structural diagrams and everything in between.

Fully written training and knowledge base for you to induct new future staff, partnered with access to our online induction portal. Independent event organisers guide book.

After sales support again as standard. 24/7 access to the website portal and site support phone line.

Payment assurance - see the product and confirm you are happy with the quality before hand.

Delivery or collection - to suit your convenience.

Our Service 

We have curated over 500 events since 2008. Our structures are time proven, evidenced by returning customers and a product you can see for yourself. ​

Our unique sectional design means the tent size can be changed.


Regularly toured around the UK - you can see the quality for yourself!


Including full documentation bundle, ratings, certification, diagrams, manual, training courses and tools.


After sale support, parts and repairs. 


Our own trusted design that has 100% 5 star reviews.


Remote standalone monitoring system options.


£14,300 12x18 meter
£17,300 18x18 meter
£20,300 18x24 meter
£23,300 18x30 meter

Turnaround time is approximately two months.

50% payment is required for us to begin production.

Ready to invest in a Mashup Events tent?

Email us to talk further!

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