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2023 Events Forecast

Recent studies which analysed Google search data, reveal that more people than ever before will be opting for small field and garden events in 2023.

Now the pandemic is over, there is no longer the uncertainty to whether events can go ahead. So everyone is back making plans for festivals and wedding parties.

A unique tent removes a lot of cost and stress, while adding control and flexibility.

These are some of the questions to ask yourself before requesting tent hire quotes:

1 How many guests will you be providing event facilities for?

2 How long do you need to hire the facilities for?

3 Should you have a basic or large scale event plan?

4 Where is the best event location?

By considering these questions, the suppliers will be able to offer good advice on what you will need and what specifics would be most suitable for your event.  If you event is taking place over a longer period, your supplier should service the facilities regularly, this will need to be arranged at the time of booking.  With the customer having responsibilities also. These should be presented to you in advance. Make sure you agree on the frequency, time and days you will want this doing. 

You really can’t predict what the weather will be during the British ‘Summertime’. So when planning an outdoor event in the UK, you really do need to have contingency plans in place and plan for all eventualities. Some suppliers will give you a big head start by providing supportive documentation to help promote a successful event.

Here are some tips to put yourself in a strategic advantage:

1 Shelter – Adequate shelter is a MUST.  Your idyllic event does not need to be ruined by bad weather.  Some tents are risky low quality and there are also some heavy duty options available now which provide shelter from rain but will not obscure the views and will still give the feeling of being outside. If the party or wedding is being held in a beautiful setting, traditional designs are ideal ways of bringing the garden undercover.  Unique tents are not only striking to look at, they are flexible and can fit any area, cover uneven ground and can even be linked together.

Ultimately - it can become overwhelming when organising an event of any kind. But the success comes down to a very simple formula! And we can save you lots of time and money by giving you this organised plan such as the independent event organisers guide.


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