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Why Summer 2022 Could Be Such A Big Season For Parties

We’ve all been a part of and struggled through the pandemic. Its been horrible. Our freedoms removed. To the point where gatherings were illegal and events were cancelled. Until the danger of the virus was established and a vaccine was created.

Over 2020 and 2021, there were some public events that managed to happen. All were successful and contributed to knowledge on the safety of public events. Millions have also been vaccinated and even temporary hospitals have been shut down.

Now we are here, finally. The result of our actions and sacrifices. Armed with experience working around the virus with events. As well as the vaccine success being concluded. We can confidently go ahead with starting to plan those events that were postponed!

Over this time, we have all been DESPERATE to gather, unite and celebrate with loved ones. The thought of creating a party has been a dream! Because being starved of our rights to do so, has reminded us just how important it is to be together (and that we love a good knees up!).

Not to mention two previous Summers of events rolled over. And the start of this year has, as predicted, seen an influx of people making plans for 2022. Also the Queens Platinum Jubilee Extended Bank Holiday Weekend. It is certainly looking from our perspective to be a very good time to put on a party. Starting right now. Fear not smaller private first time events. Management plans and guides are available to ensure you can do a good job and can make it as easy as possible. Our full 30 page management pack, guide book and phone support is free, whether you’re a customer or not!

If we can help in any way towards your party idea, then give us a message.

Tent hire is only a small part of what we do... The brand, capabilities and benefits that come with it, are why we are the go to people!


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