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Five Tips When Booking A Marquee

With the inevitable post-pandemic event boom, there will be many of you guys already planning some kind of long awaited celebration.

In the process, marquees look to be the best option in terms of flexibility and versatility around social distancing guidance. Massively lowering risks and increasing your contingency options.

We have already given away the information needed to help you adjust to Covid-19. And this blog we are again, giving you the information needed when shopping around for structures.

1. Tent Type

You want a sectional tent, so you have the option to increase or decrease capacity. If your event is in a well exposed area, then you are wise getting a solid quality tent with a wind rating of up to 45MPH. Framed and pole style tents can go on grass or concrete, but both can leave damage from entering the ground with stakes or expanding bolts. We always recommend grass where available.

Do not skimp and go for a weak, cheap tent. As you are leaving your event reliant on weather, and increasing the risk of problems.

A good tip is to book a tent with in-house equipment: Such as stage, sound, lights etc. As you will likely get a better price in a package deal.

2. Venue Suitability

Weather deflective surroundings are always ideal. No overhead lines. If you have your heart set on a specific location for the tent to be built, you need to be sure there are no underground services such as power lines, water, gas, sewage etc. As the business will scan the ground and can not drive stakes within 18-24 inches of these.

The area must be clear, level, clean, and easy to access. As the equipment is often transported in large vehicles, needing a pathway that is fit for purpose.

You must of course have a licence, insurance and be running a legitimate event.

3. Booking Information

When you initially make contact, be ready to provide a post code and date.

Ideally send a Google Maps pin point of the access point. As this helps avoid delays on the day.

Be specific on when you need the structure up and ready by. Its best all round if you book a day in advance at least, as to avoid the stress of rushing to save a few quid.

Suppliers will inevitably be planning bookings all around the UK, so need to be as specific as possible to keep things running smooth.

Ideally download Google Earth, and screen shot a birds eye view of the site, and draw a rough location. You will also be required to provide a complete site layout as part of your management plan.

4. Prioritise

Once the event industry kicks off, marquees will be in high demand. So when you get that quotation, get it secured with a deposit!

Most suppliers are subject to availability, and they manage other enquiries for the same dates. And work strictly on a deposit as confirmation of completion of the booking.

If you don't prioritise yours, you run the risk of someone else getting your weekend.

5. On The Day Management

The team will likely be on a schedule and need to get to work. Without any other suppliers arriving and taking your attention, causing delays, obstructions. And visa versa, if you have additional suppliers coming to the tent, make sure they know to arrive when its actually built and ready. We have literally given you the information to make a management plan as easily as possible. So use it :)

P.s. its also great for energy levels when there's coffee and cold drinks available. And well appreciated!

We hope this information helps as many people as possible. And it is a pleasure to give without expecting something back.


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