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21 Questions - The Big Blog

21 Questions: answered with the new concept in mind. Also some random, controversial. Silly.. And some quite interesting, looking in the face of reopening.


How do I find out and understand what I need to do and make my own event plan?

Go get our completely free Independent Event Organisers Guide!


Vinyl or CDJ?



Opinion on illegal Covid parties?

In an age where going on holiday is illegal, kids can’t buy toys and borderline illegal to have sex… no one with a heart would condem people for having harmless fun. Although it does delay the industries revival and is an embarrassment when bad ones happen.


Does sauce go in the cupboard or fridge?

FRIDGE (facts read the label)


Prediction for the ‘twenties’?

Probably going to be the most historical and talked about era in music. People feel gratitude and all kinds of energy towards being free to celebrate having fun fun. The UK is going to be rife with rediculously good music, artists, events. And our technology is going to document and amplify the energy even further. Brace yourselves!!

6. Why waste time, when you can spend time getting wasted?



Advice to an up and coming music producer?

Wanting a big label signing is smoke and mirrors. Don’t focus on getting a chart hit and all that cliche shit. Do it for you. Sell it yourself. Enjoy it and watch the ‘writers block’ disappear ;)


Meaning of life?

To get fucked


Best podcast?

The old Joe Rogan and Diaz story telling comedy


Quirky fave song?

Stac and Bonobo - Balls Bounce


First vinyl?

2000 Freaks - Kevin Fisher


Last vinyl

Chris Beale one off 4 track white label


Best event?

Too many to single out one


Best DJ?

Tough Love are wizards on the decks and underrated asf!


Most underrated genre currently?

Hardhouse - got to be said


The ultimate festival meal and drink, we should all try when they open?

Drink: GreenyMeanyBu (lager, WKD and Malibu)

Food: Dirty fries (fries with cheese melted, jalepinos, herbs)


Word of advice to the future generation?

Mad lives are up for grabs. Things change. Work hard. Think ahead and prepare. Remember the 6 p’s, proper planning prevents piss poor performance.


Artists to watch?

Pete cannon. Also a previous guest. Tough London rip up a good set too.


Where is Mashup set to tour post-pandemic?

Several Cheshire locations, several Flintshire, Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool, Oxford, Scotland, Cwmafan, Cardiff, Aberdare. 16 total locations and there will likely be double that in due course!


Opening weekend going to actually happen on schedule?

I think Boris and the Gov would be very silly to pull the rug. I darent imagine the backlash. So I think it really will happen.


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