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5 Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Event from COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has crushed the events industry. The sooner it’s over, the better.

The following information will help speed up the process of rebuilding your event and therefore the event industry and economy. Here’s how to get started.

1. Create a plan

By being proactive in keeping your management plan updated, you will assure your partners and attendees that you are taking COVID-19 seriously (new laws will require this). It will also help you more confidently welcome attendees to your event, especially if you are one of the first events to re-open. You can do this by downloading an app such as Google Docs. This will enable you edit and build your plan in small chunks, making it easier to manage at your leisure. It can be accessed and shared on your mobile and desktop for more convenience.

Best Practice for creating a plan:

· Communicate with all parties involved in your event.

· Reach out using Whatsapp or Skype for remote meetings.

· Determine what measures to put in place for identifying and isolating suspected cases of Covid-19.

· Plan literature to circulate with information about Covid-19 prevention.

· Promote heightened hygiene awareness and provide hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.

2. Document Updates.

Be proactive and track your progress in a dairy. Documenting the provisions you put in place can inspire others, and act as an indicator of which strategies are useful and those which are not. It will be a useful learning tool and blueprint, recording which of your actions were most effective, not only for yourself, but for others seeking to improve their strategies.

Best Practice for Maintaining Log Updates on Your Event Website:

· Observe and take note of as much detail as possible.

· Record all actions taken and how effective it is.

· Adjust and add new provisions as necessary.

· Direct your audience to other updates or preparedness plan pages if applicable.

3. Keep Your Contact List Updated.

Proactively maintaining updates will help provide correct information and answer questions from attendees, speakers and partners who may be seeking information about your event. To beat the competition, send updates by email, on social forums and push notifications on your mobile event app.

Best Practice for Updating Prospective Attendees Using All Forms Social Media:

· Share the latest updates about your event including updates and information from Local Health Officials.

· Reiterate your preparedness plan.

· Direct you audience to information about other updates and preparedness plan pages as necessary.

4. Establish Health and Safety Rules for Your Event.

It is your responsibility to establish clear guidelines which must be follow at your event. Health and Safety rules are very strict because they provide protection and safety for everybody attending your event. Future organisers and attendees will be reassured that your event is safe and abides by Health and Safety rules.

Best Practice for Establishing Health and Safety Rule at Your Event:

· Give your attendees ample reassurance that your Health and Safety policy contains the latest updates.

· Describe very clearly what is advised, what is allowed, what is prohibited.

· Ensure that your refund/postponement policy is in place.

5. Create a Sanitary Environment.

Your preparedness plan should reflect the steps you have taken to provide a sanitary environment for your event. These steps must be followed.

· Hand sanitizer must be provided as they register at the event.

· Designated sanitation sites must be created and stocked with hand sanitizer and disposable disinfectant hand wipes.

· Provide information via email, social media and signage at the event, advising attendees of best practice hygiene strategies.

· Consider requesting that attendees sign a disclaimer when they register for the event.

· Wipe down all technical equipment after each use.

Wrapping up; Keep a Level Head:

There is no denying that COVID-19 has posed a serious challenge to the events industry. Millions in revenue has already been lost and this will continue into the near future. But here’s the thing, when it’s all over, the British public will chomping at the bit for a party. There will be lots of energy toward rebuilding our culture. It has exposed our vulnerabilities, and in turn, forced us to adjust and work differently. Your situation will change as new times unfold. Your personal life decisions and structure absolutely will have an effect on how your business will get past the pandemic. Work with the changes!

Many people like us, have dedicated their lives to create their own path, only for the ground to be pulled from under their feet. Many of us relying solely on events as an income. Make lowering your outgoings a priority. Get all the help that is available. Try to be constructive with your time whilst in lockdown.

On a final note, we wish you all well in these turbulent times. Stay safe, stay well, and keep in touch.


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