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Event Site Vehicle

Winch, tow, jib crane and air compressor - all essentials where vehicles need to get on and off festival field sites.

The event site vehicle has high visibility signage with auxiliary beacons, first aid and a fire extinguisher.


Including an auxiliary power supply with flood light 12 hour run time. Enabling you to light up large areas for extended times.

Our multi purpose car is not only a capable work horse. It is also a clean and high spec 7 seat car that comes in handy for escorting event artists around site with auxiliary heating, 3 rows of USB chargers, fridge, TV, selectable height and terrain response will drive through anything. Your VIP can be escorted comfortably in a purpose designed site vehicle.


A qualified and experienced member of staff, working in the best interests of your event. Offering consistent advantages, before, during and after the event. Driving a vehicle that is packed with essentials and capable of maintaining the safety of your event. Giving the assurance of experienced event Co management. And saving a fortune by condensing so many essentials!


Additional twin axle 16 foot trailer and roof rack system available. Allowing the movement of anything up to 2.5 tonnes in weight, 4 meters in length and 2 meters in width.

This is usually a valuable tool for moving stacks of chairs etc as well as large goods to and from storage.


Additional lockable welfare unit can be provided and towed by the vehicle. Which is including toilet, shower, bed, table and chairs, kitchen.

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