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These guide prices depend on where and when your event is.

An exact price can be provided if you tell us your event dates and location.

12x18x8m tent (200 capacity)


18x18x8m (400 capacity)


18x24x8m (600 capacity)


18x30x8m (800 capacity)


18x36x8m (1200 capacity)


Optional Extras

Full size 6x3m traditional stage & truss arch =£1000

Sound system plug & play =£450 

Sound system, mixing desk & sound engineer =£ask

Automatic party lighting =£350

4m overhead truss arch on its own =£150

Dance floor =£150

Manual DMX lighting display =£ask


If you are looking for the bottom line lowest price, then we have four discount options available if you message us.


We can NOT confirm bookings without a deposit

Quotation is valid 48 hours - once expired, the date is subject to availability

Returnable deposit is required to secure the booking


Last 12 months impressions: 410,000

Total social media followers: 30,450

 Total subscribers: 23,090

Customer rating: 100% 5 star reviews

20+ nationwide events confirmed over the next 2 years

80% of customers have been with us for over 5 years

570+ previous events

16 years of events


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