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The Myth Behind Marquee Sides In Wind

We are here to bust the myth about removing marquee side panels in the wind.

About 50% of customers believe doing this ‘lets the wind pass through’. This is wrong and in fact, weakens tensile structures.

The answer is, you need the sides on. Along with appropriate anchoring.

Temporary structures have a wind rating, dependant on the quality. Reliability is vital. Just as much as is the suppliers management, contingency and knowledge.

Especially now with the impending surge of people capitalising on post-pandemic hire out. Coming in to adverse weather season, the enclosed garden quality tents are not wise for special occasions. Weather reports and warnings can be unstable and adverse. Resulting in last minute crisis / stress / cancellation.

Please note that this article is dealing with tents in strong winds, but not extreme weather. This is where tent quality, plan strategy and knowledge becomes vital.

Removing side panels can cause wind to build up, under the marquee. Creating lift and pushing the tent upwards. Which is then amplified by the steepness of the roof and over-passing wind.

Having some sides on/off can also amplify the stress by cupping the wind inside. Again very dangerous and can easily take a tent in to the air.

It is safer with the sides on and removes all upwards force, if the sides are all on. With the correct anchorage and structural wind rating.

The side stress would be reduced to only the sides against the wind. And again, a professional will operate in anticipation to put contingency and strategies in place for adverse weather. And know the limitations.


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