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A New Tour Is Launching In The UK This Spring

The three month nationwide round of festivals bringing music, food, drink and good vibes!

Several UK locations have been confirmed!! Working with the producers of Hidden Dimension, Chester 7s, Askern Fest, Summer Jam, Deafland Rally, Retro In The Park and Fields Of Gold. To celebrate in our unique tent space is set set to host its debut at Irlam Live in Manchester. With more shows TBA and the event listing published! Beginning June 24th to August Bank Holiday this Summer.

Feeder and Roger Sanchez among a wealth of headliners already announced. As well as our own resident's performing some one-off shows. Playing music of all types from live bands, to DJs.

The first collaboration announced was Cwmafan Fest, who have our brand and tent space returning for the third year. And Warrington based, The Show That's Not A Show.. part of the UK's VW collective.

Hosting events within our custom structure offers us a chance to push things forward as a brand. To add the wow-factor and a unique approach for people to experience music. And take the fun nationwide, giving other brands a way to be different and showcase unique surroundings.

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